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Blog – by conscious aware.

Life is full of its moments, for some it is more of happiness for some more of pain. Well pain is a very integral part of life, however it doesn’t come alone, and it has a host of other things attached to it. We have to break free of this pain and learn freedom. Very often the psychedelic designs accused of being trippy and drug induced are but an expression of this freedom. That is where life tribe comes in. You are part of our tribe so express yourself with these patterns and designs and let go. Sometimes the deepest pain empowers you to grow and change into your highest self. Change is inevitable but transformation is by conscious choice.

Beautiful are those whose brokenness gives birth to transformation and wisdom.

Here are some helpful hints to let go of painful feelings and memories

  • Stay alert and positive – it brings a lot of benefits with it.
  • Stop worrying – it empties today of is strength.
  • Be kind to others – keeps you positive and has a feel good factor.
  • Let go of all unnecessary attachments to things it may be what is holding you back.
  • Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people – keeps you motivated.
  • Reduce clutter around you – it doesn’t allow you to be free and keeps you stuck.
  • Meditate, it helps you gather your thoughts and reset – create an atmosphere with aromatic candles or incense if you like.

Stay tuned for more updates on life in general.

2 thoughts on “Blog – by conscious aware.

  1. Rita Dias

    Very true saying…life is full of surprises. Be ready for it.

  2. Conscious Aware

    Thanks Rita!

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