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Blog – by Conscious Aware.Vibes

Rise and shine, work hard party harder get your good vibes going. Which brings me to a very good point, Raise your vibrations and let them be positive.


Let’s face it we all want to have a good time and a good life but don’t really know the equations that lead to it. The key is staying positive and upbeat at every moment which is not possible otherwise your friends will really think you are a candidate for the mad house, don’t believe me watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode 18 season 8 “Phoebe and Parker” (link below).

We talk about going to work or attending a meeting, or going to the market etc but what do we actually do in these places? Of course we juggle different aspects of work projects, budget, clients, supplies, shopping, cooking, cleaning and all those mundane things. But what really gets us going are those little stolen moments that we enjoy during multitasking through all these things. Even when you exchange looks with your bestie during the meeting it perks you up you bump into a long lost friend or favorite relative in the market and it makes you so happy. You meet someone new and click instantly and it is the high point of your day… what does it all mean? It means that you are with people who you “gel” with in other words these are people with the same vibes as you. You are what you think. The more positive you think the more positive you become it is up to you to put your thoughts into action. Be the change that you want to see around you.

Finish you pending jobs and chores, go to the gym you have paid for it, clean out your cupboard so there’s is less clutter around you, organize your desk and keep your work place clean. Be kind to yourself, Breathe.

Here is you ticket to through your emotional distress, focus on the positive.

Until next time, Stay tuned for more updates on life in general.

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