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Blog – by Conscious Aware.Trance

Life is one big “Mandala Maze” and you are the maze runner.

This is The Manjuvajra Mandala

Let’s face it, life is tough and everyone who is living has some problem or the other. The only difference is being rich and poor, the ultimate divide in our society which nobody can deny.

So what brings us together? MUSIC ! Of course different types of music cater to different types of moods, and what better mood to be in other than psytrance. Psychedelic Trance originates in Goa (India) called Goa Trance which is organic and ethnic. Goa Trance combines Trance with Psychedelic Rock, Acid House and Indian music. Goa trance is an electronic music style which often has funky, drone-like basslines similar to techno.


To a layman all of this makes no sense so let me explain, when you are normal and listen to a trance track  it sounds ok-ish well, get on a high and then listen to it, every beat and every note is not just crystal clear it leaves you flying or floating or whatever you call it and it transports you to different world. People who are high also claim to see psychedelic /geometrical patterns. Not only that, people who had near death experience have, also claimed seeing the same. So yeah, whatever you do please be careful and enjoy your music and your Life.

Stay tuned for more updates on life in general.

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and views in these blogs are that of the blogger and at no circumstance is this, an invitation to use drugs or any other form of intoxication. Nor do we encourage it in anyway. Readers do so at their own risk. There is no intention of hurting anyone’s sentiments, be it religious or political or any other. It is purely an expression of general views on different topics. Thank you for understanding.


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